Eurasia Biochemical Approaches & Technologies Congress (EBAT)

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Last 137 Days to Submit a Paper

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Scientific Program

13 Claudiu T.  Supuran

Prof. Claudiu T. Supuran

13 Gregor ANDERLUH

Prof. Gregor ANDERLUH


Prof. Rita CASADIO

13 Sandra  CITI

Prof. Sandra CITI

13 Wolfgang  FRITZSCHE

Prof. Wolfgang FRITZSCHE

13 Arben MERKOÇİ

Prof. Arben MERKOÇİ

13 David Mark SHORE

Prof. David Mark SHORE

13 İbrahim Tarık  ÖZBOLAT

Prof. İbrahim Tarık ÖZBOLAT

17 Hasan  DEMİRCİ

Assist. Prof. Hasan DEMİRCİ

16 Altuna AKALIN

Ph. D. Altuna AKALIN

Congress Poster

Congress Poster

Congress Brochure

Congress Brochure

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